What’s That Smell?

You wake up, do your regular routine at home and suddenly notice an unpleasant smell in the air, that might be the cause of your air conditioner. Having a foul smell circulating inside your homes can cause sickness among the residents. If it’s coming from your air conditioner, it’d be best to get rid of it immediately. Get to know more about the causes of bad odor occuring in your air conditioner and how to get rid of it.

Causes Of Bad Odor In Your Air Conditioner

  1. Smoking Cigarettes Indoors

If you noticed any family members or visitors smoking inside your homes, this can be the cause of why your air conditioner smells bad, the air filters can gather the smell of nicotine.

  1. Molds Forming Inside Your HVAC System

This is usually the cause of too much moisture happening inside where fungus or mildew begins to grow. To make sure that mold does not grow inside your system, make sure that excess moisture is removed and drained properly.

  1. Burning Odor

When you begin to smell something burning inside your household, this can be the cause of a mechanical problem with your air conditioner, if so it is advised to turn off your system immediately. Usually, melted plastic can also result to rotten egg odor.

  1. Dead Creatures

If a critter has happened to die inside your HVAC system, whether an insect or a lizard, their rotten dead body will definitely affect the odor of your air conditioner. If this happens, make sure to open the doors and windows to let out the smell.

  1. Rotten-Egg Gas Smell

If you notice that the air smells like rotten eggs, that might be the cause of leaking gas inside your homes. When this happens, make sure that matches or lighters are not being used, candles are put out, doors and windows are open for ventilation, and contact the nearest gas company to help you with this problem.

Removing Foul Smell From Your Air Conditioner

Now that you learned one of the few causes of bad smell in your air conditioners, here are some steps to follow to make sure it will be smelly-free.

Inspect Your Unit

Grab your flashlight and properly inspect the panels of your unit, if you happen to see mold, mildew or dead animals inside, that is the cause of bad odor. Contact your local technician to look into this problem.

Clean Your Unit

Getting rid of dirt inside your air conditioner be easily done by yourself at your own homes. Grab your latex gloves, open your unit and try to remove as much debris as you can, then use a foaming coil cleaner to clean the coil which can loosen the unwanted dirt.

Replace Filter

If you notice your air filter is beginning to get really dirty with dust or molds, it is high time to have your air filter replaced. To avoid the trouble of constant replacing, reusable filters can be cleaned with hot soapy water.

When none of these help, the source of the scent could be be found deeper into the mechanism of your air conditioning system or in the ducts. This is when you bring in the experts. Call for one of Builders Heating & Cooling technicians to attend to your problem at (708) 375 5228.