What To Do If Your Heater Stops Working

Prior to the furnace, fireplaces ruled America in terms of home heating. It was a must-have for every home, until 1885 when coal-run furnaces became the majority choice. It was not until the 1930’s when most of the population made their switch to gas furnaces.


Now the modern-day furnace has gone a long way from its predecessors. Our heating systems are capable of zoning systems, and can automatically adjust to maintain a certain temperature. Though these things may be quite complex and a lot of repairing and maintenance work would be better off to be done by a professional. There are still tasks you can perform by yourself if needed.

Have Routine Maintenance Scheduled

Your heater’s lifespan and overall performance throughout its service will highly depend on it. If this is not done, then the build-up of dust and the disregard of locating possible damage, could lead it to ineffectiveness and inefficiency. It could also end up cutting years of its supposed duration of servitude.


Schedule with a reputable HVAC company for a routine maintenance. Have it serviced annually, though you could call in a technician in between if you feel there is a need to.


You can also do a little maintenance yourself. With a vacuum, clean the blower and the section around it. If you know how, take out the fan and brush each blade then finish by vacuuming it. Replenish your motors with 2 or 3 drops of non-detergent motor oil. Before doing this though, it’s suggested you refer to a professional with this and heed to them for advice if you this would be applicable for your unit.

Stopped Working

The suggested upkeep work mentioned above, is essential to avoid complications from happening, leading to your heater to possibly stop functioning. This is however at times, inevitable even if you are religious in keeping up-to-date with servicing your model.


In the event of this, do the following things:

  • Check if your thermostat is on – A quick press of the button and it could have saved you time and money. Remember to always check this first. See if it’s on “heat” rather than “cool.” Check if your desired temperature has been tampered with. If the thermostat is on but the furnace still refuses to work, try turning it up by 5 degrees.
  • Check if they’re switched on – Many technicians have shared their encounters where heaters were merely shut off. Check its main switch and circuit breaker and turn it on if needed.
  • Check for blockage  – Debris and particles could be blocking your ducts and heat pumps. Check for this and immediately get rid of them. If ice is the culprit, then this is most likely out of your hands and you should call a professional for this.
  • Make sure your gas line is on  – Your kids or someone else in your house could have just switched off your gas line. See to it that it is turned back on.
  • Change or clean filters – Your air filters can only take so much. If there is too much of excessive build-up of particles and debris on your filters, this could cause your exchange to heat up faster than usual and turn off prematurely.  Or airflow that could hardly make it through can make it seem like the furnace is not working. Make sure you clean your filters if they are permanent ones, or otherwise replace them.


When you feel you need to call in a professional, be sure to only get a trusted licensed technician. To schedule one for a maintenance check or repair, call Builders Heating and Cooling at (708) 375-5228.