Tips For Improving HVAC Energy Efficiency This Spring

Central air conditioning is considered part of the largest energy expense for a typical U.S. home. And this cost will eventually get higher come the spring and summer months. This is why it is important to know about easy and low-cost ways to improve air conditioning efficiency.


Below are simple yet effective tips for improving the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems this spring and summer.

1. Change Filters Monthly

Don’t be stingy when investing on new filters. They only cost a few dollars, and you will benefit more from replacing them regularly in the long run. Your outdoor unit will work more efficiently, as well, without dirt and debris slowing down the circulation of air. Dirty filters will overwork your equipment, and will eventually result in lower indoor air quality.

2. Use Fans to Help Circulate Air

Fans can help delay or reduce the need for air conditioning, so go ahead and make use of them when it is not very hot outside. A temperature setting of only 3 to 5 degrees higher can feel as comfortable with a fan on and fair humidity levels in a home.


Each degree of higher temperature can save about 3% on cooling costs. When the temperature outside is more comfortable than inside, a small room fan or “box fan” in rooms, or large “whole facility” fan in the attic can push air out of the facility and pull in comfortable outside air.

3. Install ENERGY STAR Rated Thermostats

Installing an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat can automate your HVAC system. This electronic device optimizes HVAC operation “24/7” by letting you set it based on your schedule. It can even be “overridden” as needed.


This equipment ensures a comfortable facility, as it has a “smart thermostat” that can turn on the HVAC one hour before arrival. This is much more cost effective compared to cooling unoccupied space, or turning off & on your system all of the time.

4. Consider An Energy Audit

Make it a habit to check your energy consumption in order to assess which time of the day, season, or situations require appropriate adjustments. This is so that you can understand when you could attempt to conserve energy. This will prevent unnecessary expenses, while efficiently getting the most out of your central air conditioning system.

5. HVAC Seasonal Tune-up With Builders

Get an annual maintenance contract. Even a new ENERGY STAR qualified HVAC system, like all things new, will decline in performance without regular maintenance. A maintenance contract with Builders will automatically ensure that you receive “pre-season” tune-ups before each cooling and heating season. You will save energy and money, and your system may last years longer with minimal costs for yearly servicing and repairs.


You don’t need to burn extra money maintaining your central air conditioning system. A little understanding about the different parts of your HVAC system and when you can cut back to save energy, and when they need to be serviced, can help you save some extra cash.


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