It’s Time for Spring AC Maintenance!

Spring is fast approaching and it’s time for your yearly spring HVAC maintenance. Why is springtime the best time of the year to have your HVAC cleaned? Apparently, it is the time where your HVAC unit isn’t that stressed yet. It is also in that period where it has been used up during the winter season and you didn’t have much of an opportunity to clean it. Come spring, you are ready to make sure it’s ready for the intense heat summer brings.


You have to prepare your AC unit for the hot summer and make sure that it is functional throughout the season. Here are several reasons why you should conduct HVAC maintenance during spring:

Improves Indoor Air Quality

A clean HVAC improves indoor air quality. Clean air will free you and your family from unwanted allergies and respiratory problems like asthma, acute bronchitis and other diseases caused by dirty and polluted air. Moreover, unclean condenser coils, clogged air filters, and grimy evaporator coils decrease the cooling output and make your AC work harder in order to release good quality cool air. This is by far, unhealthy to your AC unit.


Run a thorough check in your system. Clean your air filters to rid it from the dust and dirt that clogs it. It would also be better if you can replace it with a new one. It will keep your AC unit running well for a longer period of time. Have your condenser coils cleaned and rid your evaporators from grime that built up in it during the winter.

Increases AC Efficiency and Longevity

Lint and dust in the air get compounded especially if you have pets that stay indoors during the winter. At this point, your air will be full of trapped airborne particles. Worse, the pollen particles that have been trapped in your AC’s filter will cause everyone in your home irritating allergies.


Not only will this bring hazard to your family’s health, it will also increase your utility bills since it will take your AC unit longer than usual to cool your house. The longer it is taking for your HVAC to cool the environment indoors, the harder it is working from within in order to attain its certain peak where the cooling effect will begin.


The disadvantage of having your AC unit work harder is that it becomes a pain to your budget. It consumes too much energy in order to operate well. If you want an AC unit that is cost-efficient, then you should perform a yearly maintenance run in your HVAC. Not only will it save you your energy costs, its lifespan might increase longer than its estimated one. It is close to a lifetime investment and takes longer before it gets replaced.

Other Benefits of Spring HVAC Maintenance

We all know that maintenance helps you discover problems with your central air unit and ventilation system. Consider the fact that any neglected AC maintenance combined with something wrong with the unit will not be covered and replaced by your warranty. So if you want your warranty to stay effective, run the required maintenance. If anything will be found faulty, despite of the maintenance, the warranty will still take effect.


You can run a manual maintenance over your HVAC or have a licensed technician do it for you. If you want to do it manually, make sure to check ductwork and ventilation for leaks, lubricate moving parts with machine lubricating oils. You also need to clean the fan blower bearings, test your thermostat controls, clean the evaporator and condenser coils, and verify the refrigerant levels.


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