Does The Size Of Your HVAC Unit Matter?

Is bigger better? Or would a smaller unit perform just as well? As homeowners, we have a lot to manage in our household. Oftentimes we have so much on our plate. Sometimes we lack vital information to make decisions on certain matters, and the appropriate size of your HVAC system is one of these matters.

Bigger Does Not Mean Better

Bigger is not necessarily better. A unit too big for an area would only cost you more money on bills than you actually should be spending. Air conditioners that are larger than they should be would cool down the home quicker, but your unit is going to depreciate faster, so you’ll end up paying more in maintenance and repair.

The reason behind this is because these were designed with a cycle wherein it shuts off when the requested amount of coolness has been met and turns on again when it needs to correct the room’s temperature. A mammoth-sized AC, when compared to the space it serves, will end up going in frequent short cycles, increasing its wear and tear.

A lot of moisture will also be released from the oversized AC unit, resulting in excess of humidity in the room. Furnaces that are bigger than they need to be will also lead to more fuel being used, and creates frequent swings in temperature.

What About Too Small Of Units?

Cooling and heating systems that are too small than what’s required for the area will use more power and fuel (for furnaces). Even more, they’ll be operating much longer to try and meet the required temperature, causing a faster deterioration of the units.

Machines that are disproportionate to what the place needs will end up burning a hole through your pocket.

The Perfect Fit

Providing your residence with the right-sized HVAC system is key to providing your house the optimum of outcomes, and allowing your wallets to hold on to more of your hard-earned money.

Contact a trustworthy, reputable and licensed HVAC contractor for this. These professionals will have to take into account certain factors of your residence before they can advise you the proper size and models of your cooling and heating system.

Be wary of companies with bad reviews, or are unheard of. It’s reported that about half of these enterprises in the market today don’t care about determining the appropriate units and not applying the proper procedures into practice, leaving homeowners with problems.

Here are the things reliable contractors will consider when deciding the right size:

  • The climate of your area
  • Insulations within the home
  • Cooling load in each room
  • Structure of the residence
  • Size of the areas in the house
  • Current state of the ductworks
  • Number of inhabitants in the home
  • Temperature and atmosphere preference of the homeowners
  • Heat released by appliances

Be sure your HVAC specialist has all the necessary licenses and accreditations to ensure they follow industry-set and legal standards. For reliable, affordable and professional HVAC services, contact Builders Heating and Cooling at (708) 375-5228 or follow this blog for more tips.