Heating and Air Conditioning Accessories

While most of us expect the air inside our homes and businesses to be cleaner than the air outside, for many this is not the case. The EPA has reported that indoor air quality can at times be up to 100 times worse than the air outside.


Often times people believe that because their AC or heating system is cycling air through the house that it helps them. But dust, pollutants, and your pets could be creating an environment that can create problems for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Thankfully many companies have begun to engineer heating and air conditioning accessories that can improve indoor air quality and improve your existing equipment’s effectiveness. Builders Heating & Cooling can help you breathe easier.


  • We can professionally and easily install the latest home comfort and convenience accessories from the leading manufacturers like Honeywell, Aprilaire, Fantech and Nest.
  • Enhance the overall indoor air quality of your home with the addition of a whole house humidifier. A humidifier integrated with your HVAC system will help by regulating the amount of humidity throughout the house. Some humidity is necessary because without it dry air can lead to many physical ailments. But excess humidity can lead to an uncomfortable environment, increased growth of mold and mildew, and serious problems for anyone with respiratory conditions.
  • Help your HVAC systems get rid of that stale and polluted air in your home by having Builders install a whole house Energy Recovery Ventilator to work with your existing heating and cooling system. This works to improve your air quality by bringing in and cleansing the outdoor air while pushing out dirty indoor air.
  • We can assist you with installing a new cutting-edge digital thermostat, such as the popular Nest models. These allow you to control the temperature inside your residence with scheduling and the ability to adjust the setting even when you are away via smartphones and tablets.


Builders Heating and Cooling provides installations and maintenance for latest heating and air conditioning accessories in the following Illinois locations:


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