Emergency Generators

Builders is proud to offer installations for automatic, natural gas-powered generators from the leading manufacturers like Ruud, Generac, Rheem, and Honeywell. Because you never know when you might lose power, but we can give you the peace of mind that you will not be stuck in the dark waiting for answers.


High-performance generators can help sustain your comfort and a relatively normal life during power outages. They supply power to sump pumps, lights, refrigerators, computers and more while also keeping your heating and cooling system running. Most can detect the loss of power and begin to restore electricity to selected circuits in under 30 seconds.


Before deciding which size and type of generator to purchase, Builders can help you consider these pointers:

  • What will be the intended use for the generator?
  • What type of appliances or devices will it run?
  • Will it be sufficient enough in providing the necessary amount of electrical power needed to operate your electrical system and HVAC system?


Our trained professionals are readily available to provide quality work and excellent service to all our clients, and can have your home or business supported with an emergency generator in less time than you would expect!


Builders Heating and Cooling proudly provides heating and cooling solutions, along with generator installations, in the following Illinois locations:


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