Boilers and Water Heaters

Builders Heating & Cooling is a full-service heating company that is capable of taking care of all your hot water needs. This includes installations, servicing, and maintenance of boilers and water heaters.


We can keep your home’s radiators sharing that familiar warmth all winter long. And we can help ensure that you have all the hot water you need, without breaking the bank. Plus Builders Heating & Cooling always offers top quality products and superior customer service.


Heat distribution through radiators is efficient and a welcome source of comfort that is common to many families around Chicago and the Midwest. The key component to this system is your boiler, which heats water and directs the warmth throughout the building to the radiators. So naturally, you should only install a well-respected brand that you can rely on with the help from honest and reputable technicians at Builders Heating & Cooling.


Likewise, your water heater is a vital piece of equipment in your home or business. From showers and baths to doing the laundry or cooking, we all use heated water daily but often take it for granted until out water heaters break down. It is important to have a water heater that can deliver enough hot water during peak usage times when you need it to last more than a few minutes.


  • We have the expertise to properly install efficient and reliable water heating equipment from leading manufacturers like Rheem, Crown, Lochinvar, Dunkirk and Munchkin.
  • Upgrading to newer energy-efficient heating equipment will save you money on your regular utility bills, and can help you have a greener home.
  • Our factory trained professionals can check all parts of your boiler and water heater. Because while we are fully capable of helping you select and install new equipment, we can also service and repair your boiler and water heater quickly to keep them functioning properly.
  • We also offer the latest in tankless water heaters that directly heat water without having to use large storage tanks. This change in design means that you do not have to wait for the water to be heated and stored, and you save space by not having to keep a tank around. Electric technology heats the water and delivers a constant supply of hot water as you need it. Call today to find out more about upgrading to a tankless water heater.


We have maintenance plans to provide you with some extra comfort in knowing that your equipment will be taken care of long-term and you are far less likely to face serious breakdowns before your new equipment has seen years of use. And Builders even offers specials to help you save money today on services such as inspections and seasonal tune-ups.


Builders Heating and Cooling provides installations and maintenance for boilers and water heaters in the following Illinois locations:

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Here at Builders Heating and Cooling, we provide only the best products and services. Builders Heating and Cooling has the knowledge, skill, and experience to make sure your home cooling and heating systems meet and surpass your expectations. Builders Heating and Cooling offers top quality products and superior customer service. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

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