How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall

As the anticipation for the Fall and Winter seasons approaches, it’s wise to get everything necessary ready to combat the chilly and wintry weather. This is the time when you put your AC aside and bring your heating system back in use. Preparing the heating system earlier could mean that you still have plenty of time for any repairs before experiencing the dropping temperatures. Here are some helpful guidelines to prepare your HVAC System as the temperature transitions from warm to cold.

Inspect, Clean Or Replace Air Filters And Vents

Having your HVAC on standby for months, it’s essential to conduct an inspection. Remember that a good, clean filter improves the efficiency of the unit. Filters and vents should be cleaned and be free from impeding clogs which hinder your home from getting good air circulation. Otherwise, you may have to replace them.

Check For Air Leaks

Majority of energy losses can be associated with air leaks. Air leakage happens when air from outside uncontrollably enters the house through cracks and holes. Caulking and weather-stripping are two simple yet effective sealing procedures in addressing home’s common trouble sites.  Reducing the amount of air leaking in and out of the house is an effective way to cut costs on heating and cooling charges, enhance optimal function of the unit, and promote better indoor environment.

Warm Up Your System

Just like any other machine, HVAC system also needs warming up to adjust after being on standby for several months. Setting it on low allows the system to get back to its initial and proper efficiency right before it’s back for around-the-clock usage. Planning a test run early could mean you have enough time to seek an expert’s assistance to check and identify potential hazards that could cause costly upkeeps.

Seek Professional Assistance

Scheduling a certified professional to conduct necessary checkup of your HVAC system gives you the peace of mind that your unit can function when the cold season comes and gives you the assurance that that it will function at optimum levels. Having it inspected prior to usage saves you from any unexpected trouble and hassle of checking it yourself. Undoubtedly, a well-maintained unit increases its lifespan which can help homeowners save from purchasing a new one.

Purchase A New Unit

All mechanical units are subject to wear and tear. No matter how you maintain, parts will reach their operational limitations and deteriorate. Although it should be the last resort, considering purchasing a new unit is beneficial. Aside from upgrading your traditional systems to a high efficient technology, homeowners can save a lot of money from constant replacement as these newer models have longer life spans, help households in lowering energy costs, and provide better air quality.


HVAC units are a huge asset and through proper inspection and routine maintenance, these will run smoothly and have a long life ahead, saving you more money. For more tips, you can call Builders Heating and Cooling at (303) 722-7183.