Let Builders Heating & Cooling Install Your Emergency Generator

From the simple light bulb that brightens up our home to the state-of-the-art gadgets that we use, we all need electricity to function and recharge. You can only imagine the impact a power outage could bring to industrial or personal functions.


This is why emergency generators are considered heaven-sent. The generators that we are familiar with are the big industrial ones. But now they commonly come in smaller and more convenient sizes. What’s great is, they are also less expensive compared to their larger versions.

What is an emergency generator?

An emergency generator is a back-up electrical system that operates automatically or is manually set-up to operate during conventional power loss. There are two types of generators:

  • The Standby Generator
  • The Portable Generator

How does it work?

There is one function that all generators have in common; it converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Depending on the type their operations may differ.


  • The Standby Generator

A standby generator is professionally installed in your home’s electrical wiring. It consists of an automatic switch transfer and a standby generator unit. Its system will detect whenever an outage occurs and the automatic switch transfer will eventually transfer selected electrical circuits to the back-up power. Thus, when the power is back, it automatically returns the circuits to their original source of electricity. This type of generator system requires liquid propane vapor and natural gas.


  • The Portable Generator

A portable generator emits electrical power through a gas-powered engine. The on-board alternator generates the electrical power. Unlike standby generators, they are not permanently installed and can easily be mobilized. It has to be manually set-up since it does not have automatic generating functions like standby generators have.

Things to consider before purchasing a generator

Before deciding which type of generator to purchase, it is important to consider these pointers:

  • What will be the intended use for the generator?
  • What type of appliances or devices will it run?
  • Will it be sufficient enough in providing the necessary amount of electrical power needed to operate your electrical system?

For example, if you need a generator which can be used in operating an average amount of appliances or run the circuit of an average residential unit, you can choose a portable generator. However, if a very high power is required (such as in industrial buildings), a portable generator cannot provide the amount of electrical supply needed. Hence you should choose a standby generator for bigger buildings or if you constantly use a lot of technology.


You can also consider your interest and budget when planning on purchasing one. After choosing the emergency generator that works best for you, have Builders Heating & Cooling do the installation.


Our professionals are readily available to provide quality work and excellent service to all our clients. And if you have questions or need help in picking out the right generator, call on Builders Heating & Cooling. Get assistance by calling either 708-375-5228 or 219-227-6781, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment at your convenience.