The Importance Of Seasonal A/C Maintenance

A regular and pre-season HVAC maintenance is important. It will help you avoid unnecessary system failures and will keep your energy bill from getting out of control. It is also the best way to keep your unit trouble-free and function at its peak performance. Seasonal AC maintenance will help your system get prepared for whatever seasonal changes it’s going to encounter soon.

Neglecting the necessary maintenance that your air conditioner needs will cause a decline in its cooling ability and worst, it will increase your monthly electrical bills. Therefore you should see to it that your HVAC system gets the regular maintenance it needs. Below are some very helpful tips.


Shut Down the Power Source


Shutting off the power source is the most important step before you conduct your maintenance routine. It is precautionary as it will help you avoid getting in contact with loose circuits and unpredicted electrical shocks. You can either unplug the AC or turn down the main source of power in your house.


Remove the Debris


Any debris that gets in contact with your AC is an obstruction to your system and will completely affect your unit. Try getting rid of it by clearing your outdoors of weeds, grass, or leaves. This is important especially during autumn or any day where the wind blows frequently and might just blow some of that debris into your AC.


Comb the Fins


The evaporator’s aluminum fins and condenser coils are easily bent, thus blocking the airflow through the coil. If this is unattended,  it will quickly cause your system to overheat. It is important that you straighten out these fins with a fin comb and get it back to its original condition.


Clean Your Evaporator and Condenser Coils


Your air conditioner’s coils collect dirt over a period of time. This dirt reduces air flow and insulates the coil. If this happens it will reduce your coil’s ability to absorb heat. So minimizing dirt or debris around and inside your coils will allow airflow to get through and help them sustain their functionality in a long span of time. It’s advisable to check your coils yearly and clean it as often as necessary.


Check Your Condensate Drains


Clogged drains will prevent your AC from reducing humidity which will result in excessive moisture which might be harmful to your family’s health when they turn into molds. Keeping your drains’ passage clean and unclogged will prevent this from happening. Use a stiff wire to occasionally pass through the drain’s channel.


Change Your Filters


Filters block dirt from getting into the system. Similar to the coils, the collected dust will become thick and will block the airflow from getting through over time. Dirty filters will reduce your air conditioner’s efficiency. Changing your filters monthly if it’s disposable, or as needed, will prevent your unit from suffering future breakdowns.


Seasonal Preparation


Aside from your regular maintenance checkup, you should conduct a seasonal preparation for your air conditioner. During summer, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier. In fall, replace your humidifier filter and turn your water back on. In preparing for winter, cover your outdoor unit to protect it from winter weather and possible debris. Before spring approaches, perform your regular AC maintenance and schedule professional maintenance with your trusted technicians.


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