HVAC Questions To Ask When Buying Or Selling A Home

The HVAC system is part of the package when buying a home and they greatly affect the sellability of the residence. They determine many factors, namely comfortability, health-friendliness and cost-efficiency. It affects both the initial cost and the long-term affordability of a home from maintenance to usage.

That’s why it’s important to get to know the condition of your HVAC system when choosing your next residence. Here are the questions you should ask your agent or the current home owner:

How Old Is The HVAC System?

The age alone gives you an idea of its present state. An HVAC system’s average lifespan is 10 to 15 years. As it nears this, you can expect several issues to arise, needing frequent repairs, replacement of parts and eventually, replacement of the entire system. While maintenance can lengthen it and keep it in good condition, it’s bound to reach a state when the cost in repairs just isn’t worth it.

On the upside, an older HVAC system allows you leeway to haggle with the price for the residence. If you don’t mind replacing it, you’ll get to enjoy the home of your choice at a cheaper rate, and the perks of a completely new HVAC system.

Does It Have A Warranty?

Don’t just ask how many years it covers but also other terms such as what repairs. The most crucial question to ask is whether the warranty remains valid upon transfer of ownership. Some HVAC companies consider it null and void once the original purchaser of the system is no longer the homeowner.

You can opt to look into the warranty provider and discuss what options would be available to you once you buy the property.

Has The System Been Maintained Regularly?

Ask for receipts that verify how often it has been maintained. Also inquire whether any repairs have been made on it and if replacements were necessary. To be certain, have it inspected by an expert who can properly evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency.

Don’t stop at the general home inspector’s report. They can’t pinpoint specific issues and give as thorough a check as an HVAC professional. You can also opt to see the results of the most recent examination if you don’t want to spend extra on another look-over.

Tip When You’re The One Selling The Home

Before putting it up for sale, have your trusted HVAC technician do a full inspection of the entire system from the AC units to the heater to the ducts to the thermostat. Consider any recommendations made. This doesn’t limit to just repairs and replacements but upgrades like changing the regular thermostat into a programmable one.

You’ll bump up the worth of your home and ensure your buyers will be satisfied once moving in. It would also increase the chances of closing a deal sooner. Save any receipts and other related paperwork documenting your expenses and maintenance.

The HVAC system is as much an investment as the rest of the home so always be sure of the quality you get. For more information on getting to know your HVAC system, contact Builders Heating and Cooling at (708) 375-5228.