How a Humidifier Can Help With Chicago Allergies

The changing of seasons are beautiful occasions in a year, but aren’t so pleasant to those suffering from allergies. Whether or not you’re the kind who enjoys celebrating simple joys in life such as the passing of a season, humidifiers help you keep your attention on what matters most to you. Installing a good humidifier in your home and office can improve your overall health and live life unhindered by the nuisance of an allergic reaction and a runny nose.

Humidifiers and Dry Air

These are machines designed to adjust an environment’s humidity by releasing steam or water vapor. Increasing humidity isn’t the only method of creating an allergen-free area but it’s one of the most effective as it makes the environment less ideal for them. Dry air alone is an irritant to the nasal passages, causing your body to produce more mucus than necessary. It can also lead to an infection in the sinuses.


There’s no perfect humidity as it always depends on the environment, but achieving balance is the key to dust-proof the air. Low humidity causes the nasal passage to inflame and be irritated. It’s during these changes in seasons when the air is naturally heavy with pollen. Humidified air gets rid of the allergens from both the air and the nose, making it an ideal solution to an allergy problem.

Kinds of humidifiers

Warm Mist Humidifier

This is ideal for small bedrooms as it’s quieter and releases warm air that helps relieve sinuses, making it good for someone struggling with asthma. However, keep in mind that you can feel the mist so it’s best to keep it far from the reach of children. Also have it pointed away from hitting anyone directly with the mist.

Cool Mist Humidifier

They’re fairly quiet though not as silent compared to warm air humidifiers. Some people prefer this kind because they find the cool mist as is easier to breathe in. People use it for bigger areas in locations where the weather is usually warm. They’re easier to clean but needs more frequent cleaning.


Under this are the evaporative humidifiers, air washer humidifier and some ultrasonic humidifiers. The first is sucks in air using a fan then pushes it through a wick completely immersed in water. This keeps the air cool. The second uses rotating filter discs also submerged in water to purify the air. They require more frequent cleaning but are better at removing pollens, bacteria and allergens. The ultrasonic ones uses vibration to break water particles into mist which is then released into the air.

Humidifiers are more expensive than anti-allergy medicines but they provide a more natural and comfortable solution to those early morning sniffles. Investing in one helps promote long-term health if you keep humidity levels at the right one for the area. A room with high humidity is prone to dust mites which produce waste carried by the air you breathe. This is one trigger for allergies. Make sure to maintain them regularly and properly to avoid bacteria and fungi growth. If you need help with your humidifier or have more questions, contact Builders Heating & Cooling at (708) 375-5228.