Get Your Home Ready For Your Next Spring Gathering

When the weather starts to warm up, there’s nothing quite like a party on the patio. Playing outdoor games like Cornhole and Horseshoes is most fun in the Spring. But before friends and family can come over, you want to prep your home. Have you done your spring cleaning? Got your recipes ready? Ingredients? Guest list? Wait…how about your HVAC system?

Often overlooked, it’s an understated essential to make sure your HVAC system is in its best condition during the celebration. We can’t have visitors coughing from pollen or catching colds because of malfunctioning or uncleaned HVAC units, now can we? Here’s how you can get it and the rest of your home spic-and-span for your next gathering.

Replace Filters

It’s the easiest and quickest thing to do on your checklist. It’s also the most effective method to keep allergens away as well as other air pollutants such as bacteria and viruses. Filters keep these from circulating around your home so, not surprisingly, they build up here over time.

If you’re using the lowest-priced filter, be certain to replace them every month. More moderately costly ones can last up to 3 months. Talk to your HVAC technician or read the system manual to find out which kind is right one for your needs.

Check Vents, Pipes And Outdoor HVAC Unit

During winter, debris such as leaves and twigs could have fallen on your vent screens and around the outdoor unit. Remember to clear exterior around HVAC unit to avoid disruptions, damage and other problems that may occur immediately or gradually.

Pipes should be checked for leaks and deterioration that might have occurred since last inspected, especially after a rough winter.

Clear Out The Gutters

Bring a hose to wash out gunk when you’re done clearing it of debris. Have someone turn on the hose and aim it into the downspout to clear it of dirt. Also check if the water from the downspout is too close to the foundation. It should be redirecting the water five feet away from it.

Scrub The Walls And Windows

Rid every inch of your home of dust and filth with the good old scrub, soap and water. Include your baseboards and outlets. Do this in every area of your house, prioritizing the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Don’t leave out the bedrooms, though. If any of your guests are sleeping over, do these rooms first before other sleeping quarters.

Clean Faucets And Showers

Prepare a cleaning solution made of vinegar and water. Remove the showerheads, sink sprayers and faucet aerators and place them in the liquid. Leave them to soak for about an hour. Rinse them afterwards using warm water.

Cleaning takes a lot of work, even with our fanciest technology these days. However, it’s always worth the time and effort as the area becomes conducive for living. The payoffs in health and comfort greatly outweigh what we don’t like about sprucing it up. To get your HVAC system completely ready for Spring, call Builders Heating & Cooling at (708) 375-5228.