Four HVAC Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

It’s safe to say that a home is the most important purchase one might make in their life. It will be where you would start building your life and a family, thus giving justice to the fact that it could be your biggest investment. Be that as it may, many prospective homeowners get too caught up in the idea of owning their dream home now, and later on come face-to-face with huge additional expenses just because they weren’t able to properly assess the house.


Aside from the fixtures and the compartments, prospective homeowners should check the house’s HVAC systems as they are one of the most vital parts of their potential home. Although it can be overlooked because it is usually hidden from plain sight, these units are responsible for providing comfort under the roof which is why you should be asking these four questions before buying that house:

How Old Is The HVAC System and What Is The Situation Regarding Its Warranty?

Before you write up that check, ask how old the installed HVAC system is and check if it is still in good shape. HVAC units usually have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and regular maintenance can extend its life, but if it breaks right after you move in, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to replace.


That being said, you will want to ask about the HVAC system’s warranty. Most HVAC units come with lifetime warranties though it may become void or invalid when the ownership of the home is transferred. Knowing the status of the current HVAC system’s warranty can give you a gist of how much you’re going to spend in case the installed system breaks down.


It is also always a good idea to check if the HVAC system works at all. It may seem too obvious to be necessary, but having a feel of the current system’s cooling and heating ability would influence you to make a more thorough decision regarding your purchase.

What Kind Of HVAC System Does The House Have?

Does the house have central air-conditioning or is it equipped with a forced air system? Is the heating system different from the cooling system or are they combined in one HVAC unit? Knowing what kind of HVAC system the house currently has will give you an idea on how much upkeep it will require, how efficient it is, and if it is too big or too small for the house.

How High Are The Average Monthly Utility Costs?

Another thing you should ask when looking at a prospective home’s HVAC system is how much the monthly utility costs are. Aside from informing you about how much budget it will need every month, utility costs can also shed light on other home issues such as insulation and if the windows and doors are too old.

Is It Possible To See The Results of The Last HVAC Inspection?

To be sure of the HVAC system’s quality, it is a good move to ask for the results of recent HVAC evaluations. This way, you would learn about any pre-existing HVAC problems and if they were resolved. This would also tell you if the previous owner subjected it to regular servicing, so you would know how well the HVAC system was maintained.


Asking these questions before purchasing a home will make sure you begin to understand the potential HVAC issues that may arise, saving you from sudden expenses that could have been easily avoided.


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