Four Common Air Conditioning Myths To Avoid

We’ve all noticed how much the weather has changed in the past decade or so. You can blame it on climate change or the signs of the inevitable apocalypse, but that won’t change how important air conditioners have become in our homes and businesses.


And with the use of air conditioners comes different methods on how people prefer to use them. Thus, we can at times be fed a blend of truths and lies. We’re here to reveal to you some of the common myths about air conditioners that you probably shouldn’t waste your time on.

1. Turning Off Your AC And Then Turning It On When You Come Home

Let’s start off with the big one, and you’ve probably fallen for this myth yourself. This might be true for people living in places with constant mild temperatures, but for the majority of everyone on the planet, it’s a myth. Turning off your air conditioner when you leave the house will raise your home temperature extremely higher when you come back home.


Once you turn your air conditioner back on, this creates a more stressful situation for it to work with. Thus making the air conditioner utilize more energy than it has to on a regular basis. What you can do instead is install a programmable thermostat which directs the air conditioner to raise the temperature higher at times when you’re away from the house, and simply lower the temperature down to a reasonable number just before you get back home. This gives the air conditioner some relief to its work and true savings on your energy bill.

2. Ceiling Fans Are Not Needed If You Have An AC System

Many have disregarded buying a ceiling/stand fan at the thought of directly buying an air conditioner to solve your cooling problems. That is a smart choice, but what if I told you that buying a ceiling/stand fan is an even smarter choice? Let me explain.


Combining these two appliances will not only save energy, but will also raise your comfort levels. Air Conditioners are affixed at a raised level, so the air coming from it doesn’t necessarily hit you directly. The cool temperature you feel when you enter an air conditioned room is mostly stagnant air, which is basically hotter compared to free-flowing air.


The use of a ceiling/stand fan will create movement with the cold stagnant air, you can ultimately raise your comfort levels. You wouldn’t even notice that the thermostat was raised slightly higher than normal with the help of a couple well-placed fans.

3. You Don’t Need To Have The System Serviced Every Year

Just like with every mechanical/electronic appliance out there, air conditioners need an ‘oil change’ every so often. Regularly cleaning out your air conditioning unit will allow it to perform better and more efficient.


It also doesn’t hurt to inspect your air conditioner for problems that it may have encountered over the course of the year. This way it’ll save you a lot of money instead of facing hefty repairs in the near future. And just like with diseases, prevention is better than cure. So turn to a professional from Builders and give your air conditioner a special treat to their version of the spa.

4. If It Is Turning On, It’s Working Fine

This is the same as saying “if it’s breathing, it’s alive”. Yes, it may still be working once you turn it on, but with that type of ignorance, you’ll be facing a lot of untoward problems. When you hear something unusual coming from your air conditioner, do not neglect it and say that it was nothing. Have a specialist inspect it immediately before it turns into a bigger repair job.

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That covers some of the common myths you’ll hear about air conditioners. We want to spread awareness to as many people as possible. Sharing this article will truly help our cause, and frankly, help out your friends as well.


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