Five Ways To Keep Your Chicago Home Warm For Less

Keeping your home warm and comfortable may be difficult, especially living in Chicago. The city gets freezing cold when cooler climates come, even more so when the night falls and the sun is away. We get through the winter weather with the help of household thermostats to regulate indoor temperature. This has become such a necessity that we sometimes take for granted the expenses acquired through its use. But, of course, there are ways to effectively reduce costs and efficiently keep your home warm in rough climate conditions. Here are five ways to keep your Chicago home warm for less:

Tightly Shut Windows & Doors

Have you noticed those tiny cracks on the sides of your doors and windows? Well, you’re in for quite a treat. One great way for a cost-efficient method to keep your homes warm is by properly sealing those door and window cracks so as not to let air from the outside come into the house. You can buy inexpensive door and window seals to remedy this. It may not seem like much, but it does effectively keep your house warmer than it was.

Our Planet’s Main Source Of Energy

There are more ways than one to utilize the sun, our planet’s main source of energy. If you have nothing to hide indoors and are comfortable in bright living conditions, it would be best that you open your curtains during daylight. Let all that heat from the sun radiate through your window panes and raise your home’s temperature. This way you’ll less likely need to use your thermostat, but still keep your home nice and warm.

Use Your Curtains

When the sun is away and night falls, temperatures are most likely to drop. Surely you’ll be making use of your thermostats to make your home warm and comfortable. What you may not have known is that warm air coming from inside your home is lost through your windows while cold air from the outside easily comes in and replaces that warm air. To avoid such a scenario, the use of curtains to cover up your windows and effectively keep the warm air in and cold air out is highly encouraged. The thicker the curtains the better.


Sometimes you might forget to turn off your thermostat when you leave the house. This keeps the house warm even when you are out, but who’s inside to enjoy it when everyone is away? Nobody. And I bet you won’t be enjoying the unnecessary increase on your electric bills. That’s why it’s important to schedule when your thermostat is turned on and off. Make use of your thermostat’s timer. It’s there to help you efficiently use your thermostat only when you need it.


Prepping up a hot drink can help you feel warm inside. This isn’t necessarily keeping your home warm, but it is in line with its purpose – to keep its inhabitants comfortably warm. There’s a number of drinks to choose from such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even alcohol. They taste great and cost less than cranking up the thermostat.


These are just a number of quick tips on how to cost-efficiently keep your Chicago homes warm. Hopefully, you got a few things from us that you’ve yet to try out yourself. For more information on staying warm this winter, trust Builders Heating & Cooling for expert advice. Contact us at (708) 375-5228.