Five Signs That You Need a New Heating System

It is that time of the year again in Chicago and another Midwestern winter is setting in, and we all understand that the freezing nights ahead make having central heating absolutely necessary! And most people know that everyone should be concerned about their health just as much as they think about their comfort. When we reach the hardest season of the year, a fully functioning HVAC system is a must in every residence and business.


The most efficient heating system for you is not always easy to find. The best system for you should combine quality with the ability to truly fit your dwelling’s needs and size. If you are happy and experiencing a properly working boiler or furnace, make sure to schedule seasonal checkups to ensure your home or business is comfortable all year.


But do you know by chance when you should seek a new heating system? While there are multiple warning signs to indicate that you should have your heating system checked, some are omens that it is time for a big change.


It is far easier and less stressful to diagnose the condition of your heating unit before you are faced with a complete failure during the holidays or the next big winter storm. So here are some reasons your furnace and heating system may be due for an upgrade in the near future.

Your Heating System Is Very Old:

How old is your heating system? An average life expectancy for an older system is around 16 to 20 years. Many of advances in technology in recent years can lead to newer systems that can last longer with servicing. But if you are relying on a system or main unit that is over 15-20 years old, a new system would be smart.

The System Is Not Delivering The Heat:

Have family members questioned the lack of warmth recently when you have cranked up the heat? If your heating system is not delivering much heat anymore, then this is definitely a sign to at least make a call to Builders Heating & Cooling now to find out what problem exists and if replacing your heating unit makes sense.

Increasing Energy Costs:

A small increase in your bills may not be something to stress over, but if your bill is climbing up or spiking anytime you use your heating system then something is wrong. A replacement or repair is needed and putting it off will only lead to larger problems. A new energy-efficient system can end up saving you hundreds each year on your bills.

Strange and Unusual Noises:

Are you hearing some strange noises coming from your air ducts, boiler, or pipes? Does it seem like something in your residence is haunted?


While that sounds funny, strange sounds often mean something needs repairs. And often one of our technicians can have your heating system working smoothly quickly, but if you are hearing things and ignoring them: there may be very serious components that have broken down and more problems can follow in short order.

Excessive Repairs:

One repair call a year is understandable if somewhere in your HVAC systems is starting to get up in age. But if parts keep breaking and there are performance issues regularly, it is time to start exploring your options for replacing your current system. Spending for a new system may not be ideal, but a broken system that is no longer usable will continue to incur additional costs and put you at risk.


Builders Heating and Cooling has been family owned and operated in the Chicagoland area for over 60 years. We have seen it all and know what it takes to handle any HVAC need. Our friendly staff would be happy to schedule an appointment to assess your heating situation and figure out how to keep you comfortable this winter. Contact us today to learn more about furnace repairs and what we can do for heating system installations.