The Dangers of Excess Humidity During Chicago Winters

When you live in the Chicago area, you probably already noticed that your home gets very humid during parts of the year. Despite the fact that a little moisture around your home is normal because of cooking, bathing, and other normal activities, excessive moisture isn’t normal.

The most common reason why you have an excess of humidity in your home is the ventilation. When your home isn’t properly ventilated, and especially during wet seasons, the moisture will penetrate through crawl spaces, walls, and basements.

Here are the five biggest dangers of excess humidity in your home:

Health Problems:

As you probably know, humidity is one important factor within the air quality, having a direct impact on your health. A normal optimal humidity level is usually between 30 to 50%. However, when it is higher, your body will have some problems adjusting to it since the sweat won’t evaporate as quickly as it should.


Also, a humid environment is an open door to the different microorganisms that cause respiratory problems like asthma and allergies. Even if you’re a healthy person, you might have some problems breathing, concentrating, and you can even faint.


A humid environment is the best environment for mold. It just thrives. When you have an excess of humidity in your home, you can count with mold, especially in the areas where the moisture tends to concentrate more, like on ceilings and corners.


Bugs, just like mold, prefer humid and warm environments. And when you have a 70 to 80% humidity level and the temperatures are around the 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the conditions are just perfect for attracting bed bugs and other pests. There are some studies that show that bugs can’t survive when the humidity levels are around 40 to 50%. So, maintaining at least this level of humidity will help keep the bugs out.

Electronics Damage:

The number 1 reason why electronic appliances get damaged is from operating in excessive moisture. When you have high levels of humidity in your home or business, the contacts start corroding and the insulation resistance decreases. And this can lead to short circuits. And since condensation is also very dangerous for your electronic appliances, you need to be careful with abrupt temperature changes.

Wood Deformation And Decay:

Many people use wood to decorate their homes as well as for construction. However, when you have a high level of humidity around your home, your furniture and wood floors might be at risk. When you have excess moisture, you will start to see the wooden surfaces beginning to swell and warp, and ultimately, the wood will decay which completely ruins the materials or furniture.

As you can see, the dangers of having high humidity levels in your home can hurt both your health as well as the home itself. So, making sure that you have normal humidity levels around your house (between 30 to 50%) is ideal.


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