Air Quality Problems Chicago Homeowners Face

Did you know that pollution is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the world? Despite Chicago’s beauty and progress, the problems of air pollution cannot be denied. According to the report published by the Environment Illinois Research and Policy Center, smog pollution has elevated significantly since 2015. Soot pollution has also increased. All across the state of Illinois, the air pollution of several metropolitan areas in the state have unhealthy levels.

Pollution Hotspots

Because of high urbanization in the city, there are already identified pollution hotspots in the city. Specifically, most of these are concentrated near industrial facilities, areas near the freeway, and airports. There are various risks involved for people who live in these areas. This includes lung cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and the risk of death due to a stroke.

Champaign-Urbana, the Quad Cities , East St. Louis, and Chicago are the metropolitan areas with the most number of pollution hotspots.

3 Deadly Indoor Air Pollutants

The truth is that air pollution is not only limited to just the contaminants outside your homes. It is also very much present indoors. Below are the 3 most dangerous indoor air pollutants in our homes, that most of us disregard.

Radon Gas

This comes from the natural breakdown of uranium found in water, rock and soil. This is a radioactive gas that gets carried from the ground to the air, and could definitely get inside your home via cracks and holes. Once they get in, they will get trapped inside.

It would be wise to get your house tested for radon, and then move forward from there on what steps you can take to prevent it or get rid of it.

Secondhand Smoke

Respiratory tract infections that occur in children can come from secondhand smoke. In fact, there are about 15,000 children that get hospitalized because of this hazardous air pollutant. For adults with any lung-related illness, it can put them at much greater risk.

It is important to never allow anyone, whether it’s a family member or visitor, to smoke in your home. No level of secondhand smoke is ever safe.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is real. It claims many lives each year. This odorless gas is a sly and silent killer. This gas can come from any fuel-burning appliance. It is important to keep these appliances inspected by expert technicians at least once a year.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning do not differ from the flu and common cold. A carbon monoxide detector can make a huge difference to the health of your loved ones.


Air pollution is a real issue that the world faces today. In Chicago, it is the same. It’s good to remember that it is not just about the levels of exposure. There are no safe levels. Once one is exposed to air pollution, smog, and other contaminants, it is always hazardous. It is the same for your home. The  health of people living in your household comes first. Anything that we breathe will affect us. For more information regarding air quality in Chicago, call the experts at Builder’s Heating & Cooling at (708) 375-5228.