5 Ways To Prevent Spring Allergens

Springtime is a beautiful time where life recovers from the harsh cold of the winter. Plants and flowers begin to grow while trees return to their vibrant-green health, giving people a splendid view of nature.

However, this season also has its cons as it brings with it allergens, substances that produce allergic reactions in humans. These allergy attacks can vary from person to person depending on the allergen and how their body responds to it. These can be quite uncomfortable. In more severe cases, life-threatening, although this is not a common instance.

Proper HVAC Filter

Filters are your system’s defense against particles and debris that could pollute the air quality of your home. It only makes sense to get the best filter possible that is appropriate in achieving the results needed.

Your filter must have a MERV rating of at least 8 and above. The most common ones found in residences are from 1 to 4 but these are insufficient in keeping out allergens. Make sure your system is capable of handling your corresponding filter rating.

The higher it is in the spectrum, the more powerful the system is required to effectively blow air through the filter. Make sure to change your filters as often as needed, according to its type.

Watch Out For Pets

Avoid keeping certain animals as pets if there’s a family member who is allergic to it.

Even if you have a pet that hasn’t caused allergic attacks, they still can be carriers of allergens. When pets wander outside, especially dogs and cats, they sometimes bring back allergens such as pollen that has clung on to their fur.

Given that these creatures can’t be bathed everyday, at least be cautious about where they play and what they bring back into your house.

Keep A Lookout For Molds

Be wary of molds as the spores can be an origin of allergies and respiratory problems. Make sure that these do not penetrate your heating and cooling system.

If you have any suspicion of this happening, have a technician inspect your HVAC and follow their advice.

Regular Maintenance

Make sure your HVAC is in good shape. Have it routinely maintained by a respected and well-established company. A good functioning system will better secure good air quality in a home.

You could avail of packages offered by companies to have a scheduled regular maintenance session so as to be prioritized and to have discounted rates. If not, set an appointment with a reputable enterprise in the industry before the warmest time of the season when they might be fully booked and unable to cater to you.

Clean Your System

Overtime your vents and registers will have accumulated dust and particles. Make sure you clean this at least twice a year or when you find that you need to.

If your getting your heating and cooling system routinely maintained, then your technician is taking care of most of the cleaning for you. Make sure to check on this just to be safe.

Do a last check for rags or any material used for cleaning so they’re not left inside the ducts as these could obstruct airflow.

There are lots of ways you can keep your HVAC system in great condition on your own but some tasks should be left to the trained experts. Contact a trusted local servicing company to take care of the more complicated jobs. Builders Heating & Cooling would be happy to take these off your hands. Call (708) 375-5228 today for your free in-home evaluation!