5 Signs Your Home Is Not Insulated Properly

Insulation is essential in every home, all the more when you’re located in a country that has a cold climate. Although a lot of us may think that our houses were built with enough insulation, it’s more likely that it isn’t. According to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, about 90% of the residences in the United States are poorly insulated compared to what is needed. This is due to construction companies trying to save a buck and put in only the minimum required insulation.

Unfortunately, a majority of these enterprises were only thinking about profiting from these projects and not about the welfare of the American homeowner. This means you might want to start checking for warning signs that your house is ill-equipped to handle frigid temperatures.

Signs That Your Home Is Under-Insulated:

  1. Uneven Temperatures – A structure that is not insulated properly tends to have areas or rooms that are uneven in temperature than that of other sections in the building. Also try touching the walls. If these feel cold then that’s another indicator since the insulation should keep these warm while the walls on the outside of your home feel cold.
  2. Ice Dams on the Gutters – Ice dams are huge lumps of ice that form on your gutters which are effects of poor insulation. Heat ascends to the roof, melting the ice located on top of it. The water then falls down unto the gutters and freezes again thus forming ice dams. These could also be hazards for persons found directly below, so proper insulation could just save a loved one from harm.
  3. Infestations in Your Home – The presence of insects, bugs, rodents and other critters means they were able to enter through gaps and holes, that a well-insulated house on the other hand, would not have.These openings are also entry points for the chilly air to seep in.
  4. High Energy Expenses – Your energy bills are a lot higher since your heating system has to work harder and longer trying to warm up every square inch of the residence. Not only that, because your furnace is hard at work, wear and tear is much greater so expect expenses on repairs, new parts and probably a new unit, a lot earlier and more frequent than if you actually had a well insulated structure.
  5. It’s Freezing Cold – These may sound obvious, but some homeowners may tend to blame there heating system when in fact it is the insulation that’s the problem. When the inside of your residence is unreasonably nippy, despite the furnace on full blast then this is a telltale symptom of an under insulated structure. Have your furnace checked too though just to be on the safe side.

A home should be a place where loved ones find comfort and relaxation. When you’re skeptical of your home’s capacity to keep heat inside contact a trustworthy, reputable specialist immediately and have them check your place and see what actions they prescribe you to undertake. For more tips on keeping your home insulated, contact Builders Heating and Cooling at (708) 375-5228.