4 Signs Your HVAC Unit Needs To Be Replaced

Standing for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, this system, though often taken for granted, is largely responsible for the comfort and coziness of American homes. Imagine going through chilly winters at freezing temperatures without a furnace. Or picture yourself during a warm summer while you bathe in your own sweat without an air conditioner to save you.

Given the importance of this to us, it would only be natural that we try and care for it. Heed to its needs and it will pay you back with good service. But no matter how much we strive to preserve our equipment, time will come when it would be better off discarded and substituted with a new one.

Frequent Repairs

Throughout the working life of an HVAC, getting it repaired every now and then is only natural. This is an integral part of how you maximize its years of operation, but if your having your technician come over too often then it may be best to put it out of its misery.

This network has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, but that’s if one is strict enough to employ the proper maintenance routine. If you haven’t quite been applying the tasks and activities it requires of you, then don’t be surprised if it needs replacing much earlier than expected. That been said, if you have been religious enough in conserving your hardware and its beginning to require more fix-ups, but has been with your family for more than a generation, than this should be an indicator for you to get it updated.

Though there are cases where HVAC’s have been able to effectively serve a household for up to 20 years, so if you really want to be certain, you can have a professional check it out for you.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Try and observe the temperatures of your residence and see if they consistently match what has been set on your thermometer. Keep an eye also if rooms are hotter and colder than others, even though you did not program it that way or you do not have a zoning feature in place. A system that is not capable of consistently providing you with what is demanded of them is a red flag.

Higher Utility Bills

HVAC’s that are too damaged and too old will struggle to keep up with the required temperature. So they put in more effort, consuming more gas/electricity and staying in operation for much longer periods. This will cause your bills to rise.

It may be costly to purchase a brand new model but keeping your old one is simply impractical and will cost you more in the long run. An upgrade would give you more efficiency, being able to operate for less.

Unusual Noises

A humming sound coming from your equipment is acceptable. Other than that unusual persisting noises might be your HVAC’s way of telling you that it has reached the end of the road. Though it would be ideal to have it examined by a technician first prior to making a purchase since it could be nothing, like merely a component that needs tightening.

HVAC systems need regular care from both the owner and a licensed technician but even with proper maintenance, repairs and replacements can’t be avoided. It can only be reduced in frequency with major breakdowns avoided. To make sure your HVAC gets the right treatment, call Builders Heating & Cooling at (708) 375-5228.